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Benefits: CBD Hemp Seed Oil Wet Wipes® are great for Daily Multi-Purpose Cleanser for cleansing and disinfecting exposed areas of our bodies. FAST & EFFECTIVE, All Natural, Fragrance Free & Disposable, each Large 6” x 8” Wet Wipes targets exposed areas for cleansing and repairing the Body, Face, Hands. CBD Wipes are a great way to cleanse away 99% of Makeup, offer comfort  for Psoriasis Conditions, Removes excess Oils; repairs excess Skin Hydration, pH Neutrally Balanced leaving behind no added residue, felling Fresh & Clean!


COMMITMENT TO QUALITY: Enriched with 100% Natural lawful sources of CBD and enriched with Vitamin E, Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps keep free radicals in the body at bay, contains BZK which is known to Kill 99.9% of viruses and Germs! THC-Free.


Based on DHS; "Department of Health", DHS determined that CBD is clinically proven in helping repair Cell Damage. These wipes leave Essential Emollients that bind to skin naturally, leaving your Body & Face rejuvenated and Bacteria free!


Based on CDC reports: BZK actively kills 99.9% of flu type viruses and bacterial fungus.


Hemp seed oil has the perfect 3:1 ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 essential fatty acids, which is the optimal requirement for a healthy body. This makes Hemp seed oil one of the best oils for the body.


Clinical Studies have proven the added benefits of CBD in which helping slow down the damage to skin cells while killing bacteria and re-growing new cells. What makes CBD wipes better than other Wet Wipes currently on the market? Based on study after study, CBD Hemp Seed Oil Wipes® are clinically proven to work, making them the ultimate Full-Body Wipes in the country!


We own the CBD Hemp Seed Oil Wipes®, CBD Hemp Seed Oil Wipes® are the only Registered-Trademarked CBD infused wet wipe. Thus CBD Hemp Seed Oil Wipes® can be sold in interstate commerce.


Public Notice; CBD Hemp Seed Oil Wipes® is a registered trademark of Handy Care Ltd, and includes any and all lawful sources; (This means it includes any and all variations of any and all Formulations for wipes such as nails, makeup and other uses etc)...


Any questions, please ask us

CBD Hemp Seed Oil Wipes / 10 Packs

SKU: 645189824575
  • UPC Code 645189824575

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